Managed Infrastructure services

With years of experience between us of building enterprise and ISP sized networks we can handle the design, deployment and ongoing management of any sized corporate network, from a single switch in an office to a Tier 2 ISP network we have designed, built and supported it all.

Networks are a core part of any business yet too often overlooked by busy IT departments, let us take some of the strain and allow you to free your technical resource to focus on the strategic side of your IT delivery. 


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Remote office

Client had recently taken on a large project in central London and required a temporary office for up to a year, we delivered a solution over 4G to a portacabin on site to provide secure access to visiting staff as an extension of their corporate LAN and wireless services 


Microwave Links

Client required a high speed connection between 2 offices with line of sight, we provided a gigabit link over microwave with automatic fail-over over VPN, this was provided at the fraction of the cost of a leased line install and with minimal ongoing maintenance costs.


Secure Private links.

BLX is an installer of Free Space optics (FSO)  with gigabit speeds up to 3.5km and lower speeds much further. FSO is inherently secure as it uses laser technology to transmit between 2 points with clear line of sight, It's capable of sending up to 1.25 Gbps full duplex of data, voice, and video communications simultaneously through the air — enabling fiber-optic connectivity without requiring physical fiber-optic cable. It enables optical communications at the speed of light




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