Our History

Paul and David met in Leeds whilst working at one of Europe's leading hosting providers. Together they designed, built and supported the network, migrating from an entirely 3rd party provided solution to having a 100% in house managed infrastructure,  including the launch of UK based Data Centres.  

They have always had a belief that IT should be seamless and work for you. Businesses and people should be excited about how you can utilise the latest technologies to simplify your day to day tasks and gain insight into your own business or lifestyle. Rather than being seen as a frustration that must be wrestled and maintained, technology should be seen as a liberating tool that can help you focus on what really matters to your business.


Paul Blakeway

An IT veteran of both public and private sectors, Paul has seen and installed it all. From Microsoft to Cisco and beyond. Paul has worked at various technical/management and project roles throughout his career. With BLX, he can reach out with his own personal brand of IT services, ensuring a high quality, bespoke services that just work with your business.


David Crane

David has been involved in IT since he was 19 years old. He is now....significantly older. Specialising in Networking, David has delivered solutions ranging from enterprise grade Network solutions for some of the UKs biggest businesses to helping beginners understand how to use their iPod. He prides himself on giving the same level of professionalism to any level of task. An approachable figure, he strongly believes there is no such thing as a silly question and there is always more to learn and strive towards. He is an avid Apple fan since his youth. David currently lives in Dorchester with his wife and two delightfully rambunctious children.